Historic Facts

1911     The company was founded by Axel Mauritz Arvidsson, a towboat Captain returning home, from Galveston,Texas, USA. The company´s first location was a stand, situated in Gamle Varvet, today´s Stigbergskajen.

1912     The company moves to the warehouse of Swedish East India Company. The building is then also the office of the harbour pilots, today it is known as the restaurant “Sjömagasinet”.

1928     Monthly salary was initiated, from earlier procentage of sales.

AM Arvidson passes away and his widow Rosa Arvidsson and their sons Georg, Ingemar and Sven-Rune 27, 23 and 21 year old, take over the company.

Rosa Arvidsson passes away and the sons Georg and Sven-Rune continue to run the company under
the name Klippans Båtmansstation, Bröderna Arvidsson.

1974     Sven-Rune Arvidson passes away. Georg Arvidsson leaves the company  and converts into a limited company, AB Klippans Båtmansstation. Thomas Arvidson enters as CEO, 26 years old.

1983     The company is forced to move. The new establishment will be just across the street in the "Corps de Logi", also a building from the Swedish EastIndia Company. The newbuilding “Båtman 2”, is delivered from shipyard Börjessons Plåt och Svets.

1990     Klippans Hamnservice AB is founded and works as a parent company in combination with AB Klippans Båtmansstation as a affilliated company. The companies are owned 100 % by Thomas Arvidson.

1993     The company was entrusted by the Port of Gothenburg to carry out damagereports in the harbours of Skandia and Älvsborg. SeaContainer AB (Sea Cat) came to an agreement regarding terminal workers, and was approved by Transportarbetarförbundet.

1997     The company become a member of the European Boatmen´s Association.

1998     Certifikation according to ISO 9002   is achieved in August 10.

2004     The company receives an assignment from The Port of Gothenburg, regarding dutyservice on ships outside an ISPS area.

2005     Magnus Arvidson becomes the 4th generation CEO, 29 year old.

2007     New type of working boat "Boatman 1" is delivered from a shipyard in Poland.

2008     We become more than 30 employees.

2010     New building “Boatman 9” is delivered from a shipyard in Poland.

2014     The company invests in two new winch cars.

2016     Certified according to ISO 14001:2015 is achieved November 23rd.

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